Cuba is a beautiful vacation destination that offers many places for tourists to spend the night and visit during the day time. With many considerations, you have to decide when it would be the best time for you to visit the country and see all that is out there. Using these specific considerations, and determining which means the most to you; you can choose a specific date to visit the wonderful area and soak up the sun and warm air.

Visit Cuba

Visit Cuba

The Weather

The fall and winter have some warmth in the air, but perhaps not too much when you want to visit the beaches and walk the streets. It is a bit chillier than if you were to go during the spring and summer months. This however, is when the tourists are non existent, leaving most of Cuba open to you. Comfortably walk down the streets, take advantage of the tourist destinations, without the tourists that accompany them usually.

The spring and summer months can become quite hot. Many of the rooms for tourists that you book are air conditioned, and the beaches and pools are always open. The nights are especially warm, making parties, clubs and bars an exciting place to be. Between the months of May and October, it rains pretty good. Expect it to rain at least twice or more while you’re there. It is heavy, comes down quick but never stays for very long.

September and October tend to be the months where people stay away from Cuba. This is known as hurricane season where storms tend to become bad, and hurricanes are very possible. Cuba however, has held up pretty good against the hurricane threats they have had in the past.


Traditional Dance

Traditional Dance

There are many activities that go on throughout Cuba throughout the year. Depending on when you visit, one or more may be happening. Check the calendar of events to find festivals, activities and other festivities that go on. Summer is when many of these fun festivals happen. Planning your trip to Cuba based on not only the weather, but the activities that happen provide you with a way to know what you’re going to do while you’re there. Both aspects have to do with planning and current events you wish to take part in.

Tourist Season

Some like to attend during tourist season, while others prefer to stay away when the crowds are less dense and the air is more sweet. Prices tend to rise during this season, as well. December to March is generally when you’ll find tourists of all kinds visiting, when the streets become more packed, the prices are much higher and there are less places you can go that are secluded. High summer months tend to also be more crowded. The beaches tend to have only small areas for you to sit down. Staying away from these tourist seasons can leave you with more space, cheaper prices and all around more relaxed time for visiting.

Recommended Month

Those that regularly visit the country of Cuba recommend April. The tourist season has passed, the weather is mostly agreeable. Warm enough for swimming but not overbearing like the hotter months of July and August. There is no rush throughout the area if you choose a week that is not on Spring Break. There are also festivities that are held during the month of April that you can take part in, and enjoy. Even stars enjoy visiting Cuba in April.

Whether you’re going for a visit or to explore, Cuba has a bit of something for everyone that wants to have a getaway with everything that they need and much more.

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