Cuba is a fascinating place, full of life and beautiful views. When you’re visiting, you may want to explore more than the beaches and resort. Whatever it is that you and your family enjoy doing, you’re sure to find something that appeals to everyone throughout Cuba. Here are the top picks for the places to see, things to do and people to meet within the area.

Learn More About the Famous Cuban Cigar

Cuban Cigar

Cuban Cigar

Cuba is known for their excellent quality cigars. When you’re visiting, for just 10CUC, you can take a tour of the factories or habanos where they gather the tobacco and roll the cigars before being sent to shops and exported.

Use the Convex Lens

The Convex Lens provides an experience of a lifetime by warping the views of the streets below. For just 2CUC, you can change your entire view of the city for an hour. Located in Plaza Vieja, Havana; it welcomes tourists and residents alike to check out the views around them. Though no one can explain the experience, it is one of the most highest rated of them.

Cuban Flag

Dress Up in Che Guevera Gear

Dressing up has never been more fun than this. The Revolution occurred right in the area you will go, and with a little history inside the museum, and then the mausoleum; you’ll have plenty to look at and learn from. This area marks the time that ended Batista’s strong handed rule over Cuba. The museum also lets you be a part of the history by dressing up in the gear that was worn during the time. It is pretty cool, and a fun day adventure for the whole family.

Santiago de Cuba is Ready for Visitors

Santiago de Cuba Carnival

Santiago de Cuba Carnival

Take a day out of your trip to visit the area that has plenty to do. Take a bus, plane, taxi or train; though the train is recommended to take in the views around you. Everyone is always in a great mood, and there are so many things to do out in the open, or within the towns. Cespedes Park is beautiful, with plenty of space for a picnic or climbing the highest peak in Cuba on the Sierra Mastra Mountains.

Christopher Columbus Cemetery

Known as the Cemetario de Colon, they have created a whole monument for him to walk through. There is an eclectic choice of tombs strategically placed throughout the cemetery, each beautifully designed better than the next. Guides are also provided for a small charge to give you an idea of the people who now lay there and their history with the area.

50’s Cars and Drivers Offered

Old American Car

Old American Car

If you want to sight see throughout the town, why not rent a classic 50’s car and driver to do it for you? Skip the bus where you hop on and hop off, with your own driver and a sweet car, you can feel like royalty. There are many buildings down the streets, and the driver can even recommend some of the best places to visit. Of course, they are optional since you can also drive the car yourself, to wherever you want to go.

The Dolphinarium

Funny sounding name, but well worth a trip to go out and see. Pet, swim and meet with the dolphins that put on shows for the tourists that come to the area. See what some of the smartest creatures in the world are able to do with a simple command. For the dolphin lover, or just something that is really neat to see, the Dolphinarium is welcome to everyone.

Tourist Tours

Tourist tours are offered around almost every corner of Cuba. You can walk in without one, and leave with one. Affordable prices, and someone that can speak your language will walk around with you, letting you take in the sights and sounds, while giving you additional information about the area.

Whatever you decide to do in Cuba can be fun and exciting. You’re in a totally different area, that will feel like a different world to you and your family wherever you choose to go. The one thing to remember is to relax and have a good time! You’re on vacation!

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