Getting to Cuba is usually fairly easy enough, but getting around Cuba can provide multiple options. Depending on what you feel the most comfortable with, choosing one option over another can provide additional benefits. Here are some of the ways to get around Cuba, as well as the one most popular place to get to Cuba.



Getting To Cuba

Generally, those visiting Cuba will take a plane or boat to the area. Planes are more common than boats, and they provide a comfortable ride for the tourist. The airports are clean, have authorities and are efficient at providing you with the items you’ve brought with you on vacation. Those taking boats to Cuba are on cruise ships that are visiting the area. You do not tend to stay in the area very long, either.

Getting Around Cuba

If you’re not a local, then you have to find transportation in order to see the sights and take in the area around you. There are multiple options available for the tourists in the area to get around, which you choose depends on what you want to get from your experience, and how much you’re willing to spend on your ride around the area.




Taxis are a bit more affordable, and they are mostly private, plus you do not have to know the area or worry about getting lost. You just let them know where you want to go, and they take you. When you’re done, you can call another taxi to bring you back to your hotel. Simple enough, but if you’re sightseeing all over, it might be ideal to grab a taxi to bring you to the city, walk around the city by foot and then have a taxi bring you back.


Taking the train from one city to the next helps you to take in the views, but also have an inexpensive way to get back and forth. Pay attention to the rail times though, since they only run during certain hours between cities. If you’re only going around one city, then a train is not necessary but more affordable for those trips between each of the cities. Snap pictures along the way to keep in the photo book!


Renting a car is one of the most expensive things to do in Cuba, but many people enjoy being able to drive around on their own, even without a legal license for the area. If you choose not to break the laws, then for an additional charge, you can have a person drive you around, instead. 50’s classic cars are available for a slightly higher price, if you want to drive around in fashion and class.


Hands down, the most affordable way to see the area. However, it is also one of the most tiring and you will not be able to go very far on foot to see everything. There are multiple cities that provide attractions for you to visit, and they are too far to reach by foot, unless you want to spend days trying to get there. Walking is ideal to see the immediate area, but not if you want to explore further out.


Cuban Bus

Cuban Bus


The bus is a great way, and another affordable option for getting around the city. You are packed in with a bunch of other people, but the price is right and there are even tourist buses, get on and get off, buses that allow you to sightsee throughout the day while always having a ride. They will also let you know more on the stops specifically, so you can choose to stay on the bus and keep riding, or get off and catch the next one that comes by. Make sure to grab your ticket when you get off, so you can get back on!

Whatever you choose to ride around in, you can ensure that your trip to Cuba is fun filled and fascinating. It is always exciting to be in a different country than where you are from, and see the vast differences between the people and the area, and how everyone works together. Enjoy your stay, and remember to use common sense when traveling anywhere throughout Cuba.

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