Jose Rodriguez Fuster is one of the most celebrated tile and mosaic artists in Cuba and has a living legacy that countless tourists enjoy on an annual basis. The destination is known as “Fusterlandia” and is essentially a town made of art. Jose Fuster has been called the Picasso of Cuba and after seeing what he’s created you’ll understand why.

Jose Fuster

Jose Fuster

Quick History

Jose Fuster was born in Villa Clara in 1946 and began his art career in 1961 at the age of 14. He first started an art career while travelling to the Sierra Maestra to teach in the literacy campaign. He began to study at the art instructors school between 1963 and 1965 and began working as a ceramist at the Cubanacan Ceramics Workshop in Havana in 1966. Since then his fluid style has grown in popularity and earned him respect from around the world for his unique Cuban art. He was first dubbed the “Picasso of the Caribbean” by Bill Griffith when the Zippy Comic strip went to Cuba.

“Fusterlandia” started out as Jaimanitas, a community on the northwestern side of Havana that was a bit run-down when Fuster moved into the area. He was creating art before moving to the area, but when he become world-renowned for his unique style of mixing ceramics and paint together to create highly unique and vibrant pieces he decided to give back to the town he called home for so long. The artist has been decorating and altering neighbor’s homes and yards for years now and is constantly seeking new ways to improve the area further. His neighbors all consent to any work that he does and slowly the town is transforming into a living art museum of sorts.

A Massive Art Monument

There are more than 50 homes now decorated by Fuster’s art in one way or another and a visit to Havana Cuba wouldn’t be complete without travelling through this massive art monument. Even benches set out around the community are ornately decorated and a true joy to photograph or to rest on for a moment before taking in the rest of the sights. A true art lover could spend days just wandering around and looking at all of Fuster’s painstakingly crafted pieces. At the center of the art explosion is Fuster’s compound. Every inch of his property is covered with vibrant pieces of art. Thousands of paintings exist alongside one another, and massive ceramic constructions dominate the space. There is a shop within selling off smaller and large pieces of Fuster’s art created for tourists to enjoy and to help fund future creations. Even Fuster’s large swimming pool is surrounded by statues, mosaics and countless paintings that make it into a highly unique place to be.

Jose Today

Today, Fuster’s work is featured in museums and art galleries throughout the world. Regarded as one of the most contemporary artist’s, he has been featured in numerous places for the beautiful work that he has created. Through this beautiful art movement, he was able to inspire, be admired and truly show off what art form really is.

If interested in purchasing a piece or copy of Jose Fuster’s work, you can find many pieces throughout the Internet or being auctioned at art auction houses. Want to see original works of art? These can be found throughout museums in Cuba, as well as other countries throughout the world. However, when purchasing one of Fuster’s pieces, keep in mind that these run for hundreds to thousands of dollars, because of how unique and beautiful they truly are. You’re purchasing a piece of a starving artist; one that has gained recognition through trial and error, and the emotions he’s placed throughout various pieces of his work.

Travel to Cuba with us to find out even more regarding our friend Jose Fuster and the beautiful works of art that exist throughout Cuba, and other countries. You’ll be inspired by his history, the rich past that brought him to life within his art career that we currently know throughout all of the art work he’s produced.













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