What You Should Know About People to People Cuba

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Your People to People Cuba tour might consist of traveling in a small intimate group with people you already know or touring with people you do not know but with whom you share similar interests. People to People Cuba travelers tend to gravitate toward each other and toward the natives they meet. There are several components of a People to People Cuba tour that make the experience unique, no matter whether it is a standard tour or a professionally customized tour.


People to People Cuba tours are very much in vogue. Why not? Cuba is the largest island in the Caribbean and is just a short ride from the shores of the US. Cuba’s geographical characteristics and climate are truly spectacular and much more inviting than most tourists expect.

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The country offers exciting opportunities to witness a culture on the cusp of discovery, 500+ years after the first Spanish explorers accidentally landed on the island. Tourist can also witness joy that has survived the tight-fisted control of an impoverished leadership and often resembles a trip back in time. You do not get to that very often!

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What makes Cuba such an intriguing destination is, of course, the people, their culture, compelling history, the wondrous colonial architecture and all the myths that have surrounded the island, well forever! Cuba is like a wonderful mystery book that you just can’t put down and have to get back to, except that it is real, very real.

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Because People to People Cuba tours are educational by design and mandate, they are unlike most leisure travel. There is wonderful education and adventure to be had on these tours but they are not designed with long days on the beach or sunny days at the bar in mind.


The true attraction for these tours must always begin with the people of Cuba and their culture, including their always-apparent love of music and dance. Every day on a Cuba street is a jam session waiting to happen.

Retrato de Roselia.Campesina Cubana

Retrato de Roselia.Campesina Cubana

What makes these street musicians so appealing is there genuine love of their music they play, the stories they sing and their open willingness to reach out to tourists, regardless of their race, religion or nationality.

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You can soak in the magnetic wildlife, be mesmerized by the endemic bird populations or wonder at the exotic plants and enchanting landscape that is totally unique for the Caribbean but whatever enticed you to visit Cuba must begin with the people.

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If you embrace the people with a smile and willingness to interact, anything is possible on the most magical of islands. Forget what you have heard about the Revolution and warm to the people. The poverty will speak for itself but it is the people who find joy in life and refuse to cave in to the poverty that is likely to be what you remember most about your People to People Cuba tour. Remember, these are the people that captured the imagination of Ernest Hemingway, one of the greatest writers and people watchers in history.

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If you have questions about a specific tour, a tour we would recommend or design for you, contact Yordi or Dave, two people who love Cuba, Cubans and their culture, at info@Travelguidecuba.com.

Caverna Los Panaderos Gibara

Caverna Los Panaderos Gibara



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