Cuba Tours Are Unforgettable


Cuba has much to offer the curious traveler. For Americans who have always wondered about this storied island, its troubled quest for freedom, its amazing people and compelling culture, Cuba tours are an outstanding way to gain a better understanding of our neighbor.


With more than 120 art galleries, including the Victor Manuel Gallery, the Eduardo Abela Gallery and Mariano Rodriquez Gallery, spread throughout the country, the aspiring artist or art enthusiast can find and acquire some pretty spectacular artwork. The good news is that while Americans are restricted in what they can buy while visiting Cuba, the purchase of art is permitted. Cuba’s major cities have open air galleries galore!


Cuba also has 12,000 Educational Centers, including elementary schools, secondary schools, colleges, universities and graduate schools. With a 95 percent literacy rate, government may have failed in some areas but education is not one of those areas. Many tourists come to Cuba to observe the quality of education and the involvement of the teachers in their communities.

Yordi Discusses education

If live performances are your thing, Cuba offers more than 100 Theater companies and more than 2,000 different musical groups. It seems that each community is proud of its musical history and tradition and just waiting for a reason to perform. Meanwhile, Cuba has 30 renowned dance companies. When it comes to witnessing this country’s performing arts, Yordi and Dave are very qualified to help build a customized tour that includes the finest art galleries, the greatest performing art shows, dance performances and more! Contact Yordi or Dave at for information about a customized tour for you and your friends.

San Isidoro Cathedral

San Isidoro Cathedral

Cuba has a surprising number of cathedrals, churches synagogues, monuments, statues and cemeteries. Each of these landmarks tells a story about a side of Cuba that many tourists did not consider before visiting the Caribbean’s largest island.

Iglesia El Cobre

Iglesia El Cobre

Many travelers to Cuba come solely to see the country’s amazing architecture. Visitors can find great examples of Spanish Romanesque, Art deco, Baroque, Moorish, Greek Revival, Neoclassical architecture and more. Many of these architectural treasures are in surprising places.


When touring most of the towns and cities in Cuba, it is impossible to escape the influence of the conquistadors and Spain’s commitment to urban planning during the colonial era. The current government has not been as efficient, but Spain had a working model that protected the towns, the civilization and culture and provided excellent water and sewage. You may see similarities in many of the town designs, but it only takes a moment to realize that each community is unique.

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Tourists are also sure to notice the influence of the country’s slave trade in the people, the music, the dancing and culture. A high percentage of the population has some link to the era when slaves were brought to the country from Africa and China. Gusts to Cuba will undoubtedly notice the effects of the slave trade in the culture and in certain religious beliefs.


Lovers of fauna, horticulture and foliage will have a field day in Cuba. Unlike other Caribbean lands, Cuba is mountainous, has many fresh water rivers and streams and is an outstanding destination for hikers. Heck, you might just come across one of Fidel Castro’s or Che Guevara’s revolutionary camps. And, if diving is your thing, you will find plenty to experience in the blue waters along those magical white beaches. The island has many rich coral reefs, numerous sunken treasure ships and all the Caribbean’s wonderful fish and game just waiting for you!


With 500 years of historical sites, evolving traditions, wars, government change and cultural stimulation, there is always one more site to see, one more sound to hear and one more note to sing. But, like any vacation excursion, the most important thing about Cuba tours is realizing how much fun you can have.


Whether you have a customized tour or join a pre-planned tour, Dave and Yordi can make sure you see all the sites, witness the culture up close and personal and partake of Cuba’s amazing nightlife. It’s all there and People-to-People travelers are graciously welcomed by the most hospitable people in the Caribbean.



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