12 Reasons to Travel To Cuba

Malecón, Havana

Malecón, Havana


When evaluating the upside of your travel to Cuba experience, you might have some reservations because of Cuba’s isolationism or because it is the last bastion of Communism in the hemisphere. We get it. But, when you measure the potential for a fun, exciting and unique vacation customized to meet your specific goals, there is no other place like Cuba, the least commercialized destination in the Caribbean. When you consider what the Caribbean’s largest island has to offer, you will come to the same conclusion more than one million US travelers came to last year. Cuba is the place to be and go and the sooner the better.

Why do we say that? Well, while the People-to-People Cuba tours have some definite requirements, they are also keeping travel to Cuba affordable. When the embargo finally ends, Americans will flock to Cuba as never before, including during the golden Cuba-American era of the 50’s. This is the time to go to Cuba, before it opens up completely and begins serious commercialization. Here are some of the biggest reasons why Americans travel to Cuba every year.

1. The most sensual island in the Caribbean – Cuba has staunchly continued its intriguing mix of its African and Spanish history. You will hear, see, smell, feel and taste remembrances of these core cultures through Cuba’s music, art, dance, architecture, religious practices, food, tasty beverages, the unforgettable fragrance of Cuban cigars, the animated speech, the fantastic landscape and almost unimaginable natural treasures. By the time you leave, your salsa and rumba will come to you instinctively.

Cienfuegos Catedral

Cienfuegos Catedral

2. Frozen in time – When you travel to Cuba, you are forgiven if you feel like you are frozen in time. But, what era are you in? You are forgiven if you feel like you are in the 50’s, the 1800’s, 1700’s, the 1600’s or earlier in time. There is no destination that seems to co-exist with its colonial ancestry as well as Cuba. The architecture throughout the country is truly reason enough to travel to Cuba and stay.

3. Caribbean beaches supreme – While we often emphasize other aspects of Cuba, there is no denying the magnetic appeal of the whitest beaches and bluest waters in the Caribbean. Add fantastic coral reefs for diving, great fishing, exciting sailing and parasailing, a few rum concoctions and long walks on intimate beaches and you are bound to be mesmerized.

Snorkellers entering the water in Matanzas

Snorkellers entering the water in Matanzas

4. Friendly people – We usually talk about Cuba’s physical characteristics but the country’s greatest attraction is its people. Interesting, warm, curious, animated, conversational, artistic and musical, Cubans are magnetic and transparent. Why worry when you can sing, dance and create in the sun? By nature, Cubans are optimistic and uplifting.

5. Amazing geography – We mention it often but Cuba’s geography is unique to the Caribbean. At times you may feel you are in different lands on the same island. With three prominent mountain ranges, many spectacular parks, gardens, preserves and hiking trails, People-to-People tourists are constantly reminded of the island’s amazing topography, wildlife and dazzling foliage.


6. 250 plus museums – Come off the beach, off the trail and into any of Cuba’s more than 250 museums and you are bound to be infatuated with whatever presentation you see. From large archaeological digs to local history, you will see a side of Cuba you did not know existed.

7. Purchase art – You can buy Cuban art and bring it home. Perhaps you will “discover” a fantastic work at an unthinkable price. Many People-to-People, travelers bring home more than one artwork when they travel to Cuba. With more than 120 art museums from all niches and thousands of street vendors promoting their work, you can not only meet, talk and support an artist you like but you just might land a treasure.

Yordi Dancing

Yordi Dancing

8. Take in a show – With more than 100 theater companies, 2,000 musical groups and 30 dance companies spread around the country, you cannot miss the relationship between Cubans and their heritage. You will always be near the next performance so be sure to take in one or more shows during your P2P excursion.

9. 500 years of historical sites – With 500 years of historical sites and a culture that goes back further than that, you can see much of Cuba’s history through thousands of structures, sites and landmarks. During your travel to Cuba trip, you always will feel like the next exciting discovery is just around the corner.


10. Let your hair down – Whether you are lounging on the beach, around the hotel pool or enjoying a fantastic rum concoction or strolling around a local plaza, let you hair down and get in the mix. You will love hearing Cubans express their devotion to their community and island.

11. Opportunity knocks once – People-to-People travelers to Cuba cannot help but feel that there is a full slate of opportunities in the country that is on the cusp of erupting into an economic explosion. First, it is needed. Secondly, the country’s infrastructure needs serious development to accommodate all the tourists that will soon be coming to the island. The entrepreneur in you will wonder at the possibilities.


12. Know you are safe – Cuba takes its tourist trade seriously. You will always feel safe as natives and Cuban police truly want you to enjoy your stay. Every safe trip leads to another safe trip and gets the country one step closer to ending the embargo. Get to Cuba today, before it is swamped with more Americans and more Europeans.

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