10 Cuba Travel Tips for Canadians

Sunwing Airlines

Sunwing Airlines

Canadians are most welcome in Cuba! As a leading airline carrier from Canada to Cuba, Sunwing has a multi-dimensional presence on Canada’s most popular Caribbean destination, Cuba. From getaway vacations to weddings and conventions, Sunwing is one of Cuba’s most dependable airlines and tourism package providers. Generally regarded as an experienced facilitator, Sunwing has been in the news since one off its flights was forced to turn back to Toronto after two unruly young women started their vacation celebration a bit too early. However, Sunwing has some good tips for Canadians heading to the largest tropical island in the Caribbean.

1 – Resort Check-in Information – Always have a bathing suit, shorts and sunscreen ready when checking in. There is always a chance that your room will not be ready when you arrive. Very often your hotel voucher will be submitted at the front desk before the room is ready. The hotel will allow you to start enjoying their facilities immediately so always be prepared to be a quick change artist.

Melia cohiba-lobby reception

Melia cohiba-lobby reception

2 – Welcome Briefing – Be sure to attend your “Welcome Briefing” and take notes! These meetings provide valuable insight into Cuba, your hotel services, money exchange, shopping, and terrific excursion possibilities. You will also learn important information about Cuba’s unique departure procedure at the “Welcome Briefing.”

3 – Help in Destination – If traveling with Sunwing, you will benefit from your destination representative’s expertise. These reps are happy to answer any questions or provide on vacation assistance. Be sure to check the Sunwing Vacations information boards or binders located in your hotel for a schedule of when your Sunwing destination representative is available.


4 – Drinking Water – Do not drink local tap water. Only drink bottled water while in Cuba. Most hotels offer bottled water in hotel rooms, restaurants, bars and lobby areas. Cuban grocery stores also offer bottled water. Ice and drinking water served in the hotels are generally made from purified water.

5 – Long Distance Calls – Long distance telephone charges in Cuba can be quite expensive. Canadians should choose to make collect calls or use an acceptable credit card to pay for their calls. This will reduce the cost of a hotel long distance call where hefty service charges may apply when calling from your room.

Boca de Camarioca, Cuba

Boca de Camarioca, Cuba

6 – Safety Deposit Boxes – Do not hesitate to use your hotel’s safety deposit box for all your valuables, cash and travel documents. Some hotels in Cuba provide safety deposit boxes free of charge while others may require a nominal fee. You will be required to pay a penalty fee if you lose the box key.

7 – Resort Safety – Tourists must be aware that potential problems and risks to your personal safety could exist anywhere in any country. Behaving responsibly reduces the risk of an accident. While in Cuba, use the best personal safety precautions and common sense that you would at home. Avoid ruining your vacation by applying sunscreen frequently, never swim alone and do not display cash. It is safest to enjoy Cuba with a traveling partner but you will find that all Cuban destinations have a significant police presence and are eager to be of service.


8 – Taxes and Tipping – Generally, taxes are automatically added to purchases. The tipping percentage is similar to that at home. If you receive good service, please express your gratitude and offer a tip.

9 – Your Flight Home – Be sure to check the Sunwing Vacations information boards or binders located in your hotel to confirm your flight from Cuba and your departure time. As a friendly reminder, make sure that you have packed your flight documents, medication, or any articles that you must have with you at all times in your carry-on luggage. Seat selection is on a first come, first serve basis at the airport, unless previously booked and paid for prior to your departure.


10 – Don’t Start Too Early – It is natural to be excited traveling to a tropical destination for a holiday. But, don’t emulate the conduct and mistakes of the two young ladies who caused the Sunwing flight to be turned back. Do yourself and your fellow travelers a favor and control your enthusiasm until you are safely checked in.

Enjoy Your Stay!

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