Parque Cespedes

Parque Cespedes

Phones, e-mails and text messaging are abuzz with requests for Travel to Cuba information. Cuba travel is in the air and in the mainstream. The President’s new initiative has generated waves of enthusiasm from across the country. Americans see Cuba for what it is; the greatest destination in the Caribbean. And, why not?

Cuba has it all; a fascinating culture with dynamic arts and music, an amazing landscape and geography, history, unique flora and fauna, all topped off with captivating nightlife and free ng sociability set in a land of sun and fun. What’s not to like? This can be enjoyed with a people and culture known as the most hospitable in the Caribbean. Americans are and always have been welcome. Remember that 2 million Cubans now reside in the USA. We may not like the Castro brothers but we will find no reason to dislike the Cuban people.

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Yordi has just returned from Cuba and she reports that Cubans from Santiago de Cuba in the south to Havana in the north are bursting with enthusiasm. When OFAC pulls the trigger, don’t be standing on the sidelines. The President’s new travel guidance allows Americans unparalleled opportunities to enjoy the best Caribbean vacation of their lives. Experience the rich magic that is Cuba and be prepared to go back for more!

Need help understanding what the new rules mean? Contact Dave or Yordi as The promise for travel to Cuba just keeps getting better.

Credit Cards – Take for example being able to use your credit card. While it may take some time for some vendors, restaurants, and other providers to accept cards, Europeans and Canadians have been using cards for many years. That Americans can access their cards at hotels is a huge change and advantage. Americans will not have to budget their trip as tightly or will not have to carry large amounts of cash anymore. Flexibility and security will be enjoyed by all.

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Import Flexibility – Americans are anxious to bring home up to $400 worth of rum and cigars from the rum and cigar capital of the world. And, while many visitors will notice immediate easing of the tight schedules mandated by People-to-People tours, the ability to shop and bring home art and other crafted elements of Cuba’s undeniable culture will be greatly increased.

More Competitive Pricing – People-to-People travel will still be available but less regulated. The tight schedules and the need for guides are P2P regulations that drive the cost of Cuba travel higher than need be. Currently, Americans pay more to visit Cuba than any other international visitor. Steve Cox, CEO of International Expeditions, a leading P2P tour provider, told the New York Times that the typical one-week tour now costs about $3,500 to $4,000 or more. Cox expects a typical one-week stay in Cuba to run about $2,000 as soon as the new regulations come into play.

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Tours Will Get Stronger – Don’t expect tours to disappear. Travelers who want to see and experience the history, landscape, flowers and fauna of Cuba will still choose guided tours and, Dave and Yordi and family will be ready to completely customize, refine and economize your trip to Cuba.

Contact if you want to see Cuba while it has its unique culture, architecture and historical landmarks. Travel to Cuba is like stepping back in time. The time warp that is Cuba is likely to change and everyone can benefit from understanding the country’s compelling history.


Sun and Fun – It is still illegal for Americans to go to Cuba without a licensed provider. People-to-People still reigns but the day of sun and fun on the whitest, cleanest beaches in the Caribbean is at hand. The waters are blue, the reefs are dynamic and the environment is unspoiled. For Active Americans or history buffs, Cuba truly offers a unique travel and vacation proposition.

Bed and Breakfast Boom – Demand for 4 and 5-star hotels will be strong. Cuba will be unable to meet the demand for years but there are many terrific bed and breakfasts that will allow visitors to experience Cuba in a free and exciting way. Bed and breakfasts can greatly reduce the cost of your trip. For the hiker, birder, naturalist, student or for anyone who simply wants to get to know the Cuban people, here is the perfect solution. Travelguidecuba expects the number of bed and breakfast operations to surge… and soon!


Even More Security – Cuba is already one of the safest, friendliest destinations in the Caribbean. Look for even more safety measures to ensure the beaches and sidewalks are secure and safe for the influx of American vacationers. Cuba is betting big on increased tourism. A huge majority of Americans have indicated they want to visit this magical land. From another century. And, Cuba realizes they must protect their guests.

Children Friendly – While Cuba has admittedly unparalleled nightlife and sociability, it is also one of the most appetizing destinations for family travel. With swimming, diving, sailing, hiking, parasailing, fishing and many more enjoyable opportunities to the many natural advantages of the mountainous island, look for Americans to capitalize on the most all-inclusive family plans in the Caribbean. Canadians and Europeans have benefitted from these plans for years. Now, it is our turn.


Weddings and Honeymoons – Destination weddings are in. Wait until your wedding party and special guests find your wedding is scheduled for an affordable 5-star Cuban hotel and romantic wedding venue! Private beach cabana anyone? Talk about a wedding day and honeymoon to remember; here it is! Interested in details? Contact Dave and Yordi at

Stay tuned for more Cuba travel changes, but in the meantime, don’t wait to see Cuba before it changes forever.

festival  12 is not a licensed People-to-People tour provider but works closely with International Expeditions, a licensed provider. This International Expedition People-to-People tour is licensed (CT-2013-299822-1)by the United States Treasury Department’s Office of Foreign Assets Control to engage, organize and conduct authorized people-to-people travel to Cuba that engages participants in meaningful interactions with individuals in Cuba.

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