In conjunction with our VIP Weekender Cigar tour (Brochure on Home Page), we thought aspiring travelers might like to have a resource for all Cuban cigar terms. Hope this helps. For information, contact Dave at Info@travelguidecuba.com .

Anilla – The Cuban term for cigar band or ring.

Bonche – Filler leaves rolled together and wrapped in a cylindrical shape with a binding leaf.

Burros – Fermenting piles of tobacco that require careful monitoring.

Capa – Cigar’s outside wrapper.

Capote – The layer, made from volado leaves, under the Capa and considered the binder leaf.

Casa de Tabaco – House on the tobacco plantation where leaves are cured.

Catadores – The tasters who inspect finished cigars..

Cervantes – Also known as the Lonsdale (for Lord Lonsdale), this cigar is the third in a trilogy of 42 ring gauge cigars and measures 6.5 inches x 42 ring gauge.

Chaveta – A knife with semi-circular blade used by rollers to cut the wrapper leaf.

Churchill – Also known as Julieta No. 2, the Churchill measures 7 inches x 47 ring gauge and is most enjoyed for an hour.

Claro – A light-brown wrapper.

Colorado – A dark brown wrapper.

Corona – The most recognized shape and size (5 5/8 inches x 42 ring gauge) for a premium cigar. Sometimes called a parejo.


Cubatabaco – Cuba’s Worldwide distributor before Habanos S.A.

Culebra – Spanish for snake, these cigars are manufactured from 3 panatelas that are linked and braided.

Dalia – Once was the name of the galera where cigars were manufactured but is now known more commonly as 8-9-8, derived from the original box which offered 3 rows of 8, 9 and 8.

Despalillo – The Stripping House where binder and filler leaves are received for stripping of the inner veins and stems and where the second level of fermentation occurs.

Double Corona – Traditionally known as a Prominente (7 5/8 inches x 49 ring gauge), the cigar’s giant leaves are inordinately  delicate originally but suddenly explode with flavor.

Escaparate – A cooling room (16-18 °C or 61-64 °F temperature with 70 % humidity) where cigars are stored for weeks after rolling.

Especial – A Gran Corona (9 inches x 47 ring gauge) regarded as the largest classic cigar.

Figurado – A cigar rolled to a point on one end. A double – figurado is pointed at both ends. These are also known as Pirámide, Campana or Exquisito cigars.

Fortaleza – Refers to the cigar’s strength. In sequence, the 3 degrees are volado (1), seco (2) and ligero (3).

Galera – The galley or workshop where cigars are handmade.

Gran Corona – The Especial or largest classic cigar (9 inches x 47 ring gauge).


Habanos – Used to designate the origin of certain cigars and translates to “Havanas.”

Habanos S.A. – Havana-based company that advertises, markets and distributes Cuban cigars internationally.

Hecho en Cuba – Made in Cuba.

Julieta No. 2 – Originally from the Romeo y Julieta Factory, this cigar is the popular Churchill (7 inches x 47 ring gauge).

Laguito No. 1 – Popularly known as the Lancero (7 1/2 inches x 38 ring gauge), the name is derived from Havana’s el Laguito Factory.

Lancero – See Laguito No. 1.

Lector – The person responsible for reading stories to cigar rollers at work.

Ligador – This is the cigar factory’s master blender.

Ligero – One of 3 fillers of tobacco leaves that refers to the top most and usually darkest leaves of the most flavorful plants. Other fillers are known as Seco and Volado.

Lonsdale – The cigar (6.5 inches x 42 ring gauge) named for England’s Lord Lonsdale, who actually preferred the elega.

Maduro – Translates to “ripe” and refers to a dark reddish-brown wrapper tone.

El Templete Havanna

Media Rueda – A half-wheel or bundle of 50 wrapped cigars.

Mareva – The cigar known as Petit Corona (5 1/8 inches x 42 ring gauge).

Moja – Tobacco leaves used to moisturize cigars for rolling.

Parejo – A straight-sided cigar.

Perla – Also referred to as a Tres Petit Corona (4 inches x 40 ring gauge), this cigar forms part of the small vitola group.

Partido – Refers to the region where wrapper leaves were cultivated in the early 17th Century.

Petit Corona – The most popular size (5 1/8 inches x 42 ring gauge) cigar that still allows the 3 filler leaves to be evenly blended. Traditionally called a Mareva.

Pirámide – Called the Torpedo (6 1/8 inches x 52 ring gauge) due to the tapered head and shoulder.

Prominente – Also called the Double Corona (7 5/8 inches x 49 ring gauge), the cigar’s giant leaves of burst into poignant flavors.

Puro – Spanish for “cigar.”

Robusto – Another popular cigar (4 7/8 inches x 50 ring gauge).

Seco – The filler leaf, attributed to aroma, from the mid-section of the plant.

Semi Vuelta – Located in Cuba’s western region, this area is famous for its binder and filler leaves.

Tabaco – Spanish for tobacco, Cuban for cigar.

Tabacuba – The Cuban corporation responsible for all agricultural and manufacturing related to Cuba’s tobacco industry.


Tapado – The muslin cloth tent where shade-grown wrapper leaves grow.

Tercios – Palm-bark wrapped bales of tobacco leaves that are aged after fermentation.

Torcedor – Translates to “twister” but is a cigar roller.

Torpedo – Traditionally known as a Robusto (6 1/8 inches x 52 ring gauge), this cigar is known for great combustibility due to the tapered head and shoulders.

Totalmente a Mano – A term that appears on certain cigar boxes and translates to “completely made by hand.”

Très Petit Corona – Originally, the “pearl,” this small vitola gives smokers the true taste of a Cuban cigar in about 20 minutes (4 inches x 40 ring gauge).

Tripa – The cigar filler comprised of 2 or 3 types of leaves that shape the heart of a Habano.

Tubos – Individually packed cigars in either wood, metal or glass tubes.

Vega – Tobacco plantation.

Yordi Image for Cigar flyer

Vitola – This term refers to the size and shape of a cigar. Robusto or Corona are examples.

Vuelta Abajo – Generally regarded as the finest tobacco growing region in the world. Pinar del Rio, San Luis and San Juan y Martinez are in this region.

Vuelta Arriba – Cuba’s eat region where Remedios and Oriente are located.

Volado – One of the 3 filler leaves derived from the bottom of the plant and that imparts light flavors.

8-9-8 – 6 3/4 in x 43 ring gauge. Also known as the Dalia this cigar took on the popular 8-9-8 name from the original box in which they were packed forming 3 rows of 8, 9 and 8.

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