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Dave and Yordi have been getting Cuba right for 10 years. clients should understand that the company’s commitment to experiencing Yordi’s native “Pearl of the Antilles” runs deep and wide, from the northernmost tip to the most southern point and from the eastern shores to reefs of the west. TravelGuideCuba’s multi-dimensional approach allows clients to experience the magic and opportunity that is Cuba. With Yordi’s local connections and with Dave’s knowledge of the legalese of Cuba tourism and entrepreneurialism, unimagined Cuban experiences will unfold.

Yes, you will visit, see, touch, feel, taste and hear the Cuba you have read about in books, studied in school and seen in movies. Dave and Yordi believe interaction with “real Cubans” gives visitors the opportunity to ask all the burning questions, experience the culture, architecture, economy and better learn our neighbors to the south. Indeed, it is this inspiring cultural, economic and social interaction that led Dave to change careers and pursue advancing American and international awareness of Cuba.

Contact us at or 305-987-0442 and you will see right away that this is no ordinary consultancy.

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1. Authenticity – Every TravelGuideCuba trip is designed to achieve an understanding of the island and its people. We will see the sights, learn their background, hear their music, marvel their artistic talents, speak and dine with natives in every destination we travel. Our “boots-on-ground” staff ensures our guests witness as much as possible about the main attractions and the more subtle distinctions of each destination the experience. Meanwhile our multi-dimensional approach is committed to leaving no business stone unturned. Cuba’s potential is vast and businesses of all shapes and sizes are pursuing opportunities in this undeveloped land.

2. Flexibility – When it comes to experiencing Cuba, Dave and Yordi think outside-the-box. They have worked tirelessly to develop and customize a number of tours and experiences, only a few of which are listed on this site. Tell us what you want to see and experience and TravelGuideCuba will make it happen. If your group prefers to reside in a rented house or stay with a Cuban family rather a hotel or if you want to hike in the spectacular Sierra Maestra, or fish, enjoy a round of golf or meet local artists, performers or entrepreneurs, TravelGuideCuba stands ready to put the pieces together in a synchronized trip that achieves your goals and creates an unforgettable trip.

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3. Personal Service – From our US staff to our Cuban guides and hosts, TravelGuideCuba emphasizes personal service that no other tour provider can match. Our guides are supervised and trained by an experienced travel agent who worked with UK providers for 15 years. Dave is adept at organizing the backroom details that keep your plans on track and your accommodations on line. And, then there is our personal, premier concierge service that takes the hassle out of what can be an intimidating burden. You will flow through your Cuban destinations as fluidly as possible in a country that struggles with transportation and infrastructure. TravelGuideCuba will manage all your transport and all travel details with surprising dexterity.

4. Hands-on – What makes our itineraries so effective is the hands-on, real life, real Cuban planning that goes into the design. No detail is overlooked. If you have a question, you will receive a straightforward answer. If the answer is unknown to us, we will get to an on-the-ground source. For business or pleasure, our hands-on approach is the service you want.

5. In-country Knowledge – These days, Dave and Yordi seem to be spending as much time in Cuba as they are in the states. Yordi’s native tongue and expanded family ties generate interesting and timely knowledge of events as they unfold in what certainly is one of most rapidly changing landscapes in the world. Whether they are checking the quality of hotels in Cienfuegos and Trinidad or inspecting the  amazing  Marina Gaviota in Varadero or the real estate market in Havana or the Carnival in Santiago de Cuba, Dave and Yordi are on the turf, figuring innovative ways for their clients to experience the real Cuba, the Cuba whose bountiful opportunities will astound you.

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6. Experience – As a resident of Santiago de Cuba with extended family throughout Cuba, Yordi is in touch with the pulse of the people and country. As an accomplished businessperson, Dave is enthralled by the evolving entrepreneurial possibilities that the ingenuous Cuban natives are pursuing with uncommon eagerness. Between them, Dave and Yordi give TravelGuideCuba unique insight into the political, business and social transition that has only just begun.

7.  Backroom Excellence – Dave’s financial background has carried over to his research and development of numerous aspects of the Cuban experience. Every travel or business TravelGuideCuba endeavor will have the best backroom support available. From visas to explanations and procurement of health insurance, accommodation and guide reservations and much, much more, Dave is committed to relieving our clients of the idiosyncrasies of travel to Cuba.

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8. Ease – In the sea of change that is Cuban tourism, the process, logistics and mechanics can be mind boggling. Yordi and Dave have built their network of national and international connections with client ease in mind. We can navigate most scenarios in what can sometimes be unpredictable waters. Just remember that nothing happens quickly in Cuba and the more time are allowed, the easier the final solution will be.

9. Price – All the above ingredients and our genuine interest in encouraging travel and legal enterprise in Cuba allow TravelGuideCuba to provide the best travel and business services at the most cost-effective prices on the market. From customized tours to business connections that count, if you use any other advisers, your bang-for-the-buck will suffer.

If there was ever a Cuba travel and business consulting agency that would go the extra mile or work methodically to achieve your personal or business goals in Cuba, Dave and Yordi are the answer. Contact us at or 305-987-0442 for more travel or business details.