During your travels to Cuba, finding a beautiful, comfortable and safe place to sleep is essential. While some of the other hotels throughout the area promise great things when you stay with them, finding one that goes above and beyond service for you during your stay is the best that you can get when it comes to finding out more about the hotel that is so highly rated. When the time comes to book a stay in Cuba, make sure to book it with the Nocional Hotel of Cuba over all others in the area.


Rated as a five star hotel and located in the capital city of Cuba, it is one of the highest recommended places for visitors to stay during their travels to the country. Just minutes from many of the main attractions throughout the country, you’re more than welcome to travel with the different ways to get around or just walk to many of the places.

With 8 different floors that have amenities and many types of rooms, all modernly decorated; the hotel is one of the best looking and feeling hotels. They provide numerous types of rooms to accommodate large and small parties that are traveling to the area. With a rich history behind them, this is one of the hotels where you can learn much more about the area, as well as having one of the best visits to the country.



For affordable rates, and all prices including breakfast for your stay; there are numerous rooms to choose from. With single, double and triple rooms, as well as suites and special, royal and presidential suites; you have much to choose from, depending on your tastes and the amount of space you need within the room during your visit.

Each room is equipped with flat screen televisions, large comfortable beds and private bathrooms that all provide towels and extra blankets for the guests. Each has different square footage, and some have more than one or two beds, depending on which you choose to stay in. This is your stay, make the most of it with a five star hotel that can provide it all and more for you and your trip.



There are many amenities within the hotel that you can make use of. One is choosing from one of the four restaurants that are provided. With everything from a sit down, fine dining experience to a buffet styled dinner or even a show and dinner; you can choose something that appeals to you each night. Breakfast is served in two of the four restaurants.

In addition to the many places that you can find food within the hotel, you’re also able to enjoy the large swimming pool during your stay. Room service is offered right by the side of the pool, and cocktails are able to be brought out and enjoyed in the sun.

The bars are open throughout the hotel during specific hours, where you can enjoy Cuban drinks of all kinds and bring them to whatever amenity you’re trying to do at the time. Of course, when you have had a few drinks, you can also catch the cabaret show that happens every night. There is much to be explored throughout the hotel.



Hold meetings and other business functions within the hotel with the meeting rooms and business centers that they have set up specifically for this purpose. Banquets and large, special occasions are able to be held within the large ball rooms that they have, as well as getting catering and other special professions to come and help with the events that you choose to throw within the five star hotel. Everything and anything is possible within the Nacional Hotel of Cuba.


If this information is not enough to persuade you that this is the best place to sleep and stay during your travels, we do not know what will. With a hotel that is put together specifically for those traveling to the area, they can provide you with everything that you need and so much more. Stay in comfort, in beauty and safely with the Nocional Hotel of Cuba. Book your stay today!


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