Hotel Cayo Levisa – Getaway to Paradise


It may not be for everyone but if you like your privacy and love that crystal blue Caribbean water with those magical white sandy beaches and all they have to offer, the Hotel Cayo Levisa should be right up your alley. This is a quiet, secluded destination and hotel on a remote island that just happens to feature an international diving center and some of the greatest fishing and snorkeling that Cuba has to offer. Throw in an intimate commujmi9ty where pickup volleyball, beach ball and dancing take place spontaneously and you know you are home!

Cayo Levisa is a small, almost obscure isle on Cuba’s northern coast in northern Pinar del Rio Province in the municipality of La Palma. The only fixed structure on the island is the hotel. Tourists who visit this site say there is no place anywhere in the world that feels as peaceful and invigorating at the same time. The only way to arrive at Cayo Levisa is by a 30-minute boat ride from the docks at Palma Rubia.


As remote as this location seems, the island has a good amount of history. Once one of Ernest Hemingway’s favorite fishing destinations, the island, like other islands in the Colorado Archipelago, served as a safe haven for escaped slaves and a harbor for smugglers and pirates for many years. Eventually, the fishing and diving potential was not to be denied.

The semblance of a hotel was constructed in 1992 but in 2003 the capacity and quality of cabins and rooms was dramatically improved and increased. Yet, you will need to make reservations soon as there are only 20 bungalows and 40 rooms available at any time.

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The isle is predominantly covered by swamps. The only way to access the south end of the island is through the heavy forests of mangrove trees. But, this is part of the charm. The temperature in this tropical paradise is consistently between 21 degrees C and 33 degrees C. Guests arrive at the beach by boat and stay right there, no other sights to see, no place to drive. You are home!

In addition to the 40 rooms, the hotel offers a friendly, beachfront bar that will mix whatever concoction visitors desire and a very accommodating international restaurant. Guests typically participate in the entertainment. Because guests tend to share common interests and because they are confined to a rather remote venue, lifelong relationships are often forged here.


Surprisingly, the 3 kilometer beach hosts 23 diving sites. The amazing black coral which is prevalent in the Colorado Archipelago is a major draw. But, in the end, it is the all-encompassing natural environment that makes the sailing and windsurfing exhilarating, the diving and underwater exploration phenomenal, the fishing remarkable, the beaches mesmerizing and the overall Cayo Levisa experience unforgettable. Hotel Cayo Levisa is unconventional tourism at its best, intimate and active, healthy and gorgeous.

Here’s another surprise. When you need a break, a friendly masseuse will come to your room or meet you on the beach. You’ll be refreshed and ready to go on  a moment’s notice.


Every room overlooks the white, flawless beach. Every bungalow has a balcony. This is about as intimate a setting as one could hope to find. You can walk to the water and swim, float or sun bathe your cares away. is not a licensed People-to-People tour provider but works closely with licensed providers. Complete Cuba People-to-People tour is licensed (CT-2013-299822-1) by the United States Treasury Department’s Office of Foreign Assets Control to engage, organize and conduct authorized people-to-people travel to Cuba that engages participants in meaningful interactions with individuals in Cuba.


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