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Within a comfortable distance from Trinidad, Cuba’s premier city for colonial architecture, lies two of the country’s most spectacular beaches, Playa Ancón and Maria Angular. The former is regarded as not only one of the most spectacular beaches in Cuba but also in the world. Less known and slightly smaller, Maria Aguilar is just as white, just as blue and a bit more private.

Playa Ancón is located on impressive and elongated 7.5 mile long Ancon Peninsula. The beach rest quietly 7 miles from Trinidad and is bordered by an amazing coral reef where age-old masses serve as feeding grounds and havens for numerous species of salt water fish.

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Marina Trinidad – Casilda offers guided diving excursions to the vibrant reefs where the occasional sunken treasure ship can be discovered. In fact, there are 22 scuba diving sites that allow divers to witness and enjoy the phenomenal Black Coral concentrations, multiple species of sponges, gorgonians, Common Sea Fans and other colorful fish.

The peninsula is bordered by a narrow shelf with a sandy bottom that illuminates the reef and its active community. Some of the greatest divers in the world have enjoyed these environs, where ridges can reach 16.5 feet in height. The reefs are also inundated with fascinating and inviting tunnels.

As close as Trinidad is, the ride to Playa Ancón from Cienfuegos is equally mesmerizing. The 25-mile jaunt hugs the coast and provides watchful tourists with unforgettable vistas. The area benefits from better than average Cuban highways.


While Playa Ancón is commonly associated with Trinidad, it is actually in Casilda, a small village and “consejo popular” or popular council, of about 2500 residents. The original village was founded in 1808 by Andres Valdes Pino on land that housed a huge plantation known as “Peralta.”

This modest, unassuming village benefits from the beach and diving venues. Many natives rent their homes to travelers through “casa particulares” programs. Need a place to rent in Cuba? Contact for details.


Casilda is south of Trinidad and sits on the Gulf of Ana Maria in the Casilda Bay. The Ancon Peninsula shelters the simple town. The main road to the village is Calle Real which connects to Carretera a Ancón, also called Paseo Agramonte.

The village is about 30 kilometers from Valle de los Ingenios, home to some of Cuba most illustrious plantations and another popular tourist venue. Sancti Spiritus is about 75 kilometers away and historic Santa Clara lies about 102 km south.

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Visitors to the beaches arrive via rail that connects Placetas and Fomento with Trinidad, by car or bus. The Alberto Delgado Airport sits just 4 kilometers from the village.

Recently Dave and Yordi visited Playa Ancón and had their trusty camera in hand. What they saw convinced them nay of their clients would also enjoy. Novice snorkelers will benefit from to the best and most experienced scuba divers in the country Many diving schools at Playa Ancón offer instruction year round. Interested in diving in Cuba? Contact Dave or Yordi at for details.

There are several three-plus star hotels in the area that offers beachgoers loads of music as well as many privately owned restaurants where Dave, Yordi and sister Katia have met fun-loving tourists and natives.

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