Join Yordi At Parque Céspedes

Yordi invites you to experience the flair and lively and diverse activities that characterize one of her favorite city squares in Santiago de Cuba. Excitement is in the air at Parque Céspedes, where curious tourists, festively clad women, and busy business people, tote their wares, sit, mingle and interact on another bright, inviting afternoon. As always, sidewalk entertainers and the spectacular Bay of Santiago provide the perfect backdrop for vivacious Yordi and her friends.

Named for Carlos Manuel de Céspedes, a lawyer and plantation owner who made his famous “Grito de Yara” (Cry for Yara) call for Cuba’s independence on October 10, 1868, Parque Céspedes is one of Santiago’s most enchanting and vibrant squares. A bronze statue commemorates Céspedes, the leader of the fated Ten Years War to free slaves and gain independence from Spain.

Narrow streets wind to this hub, where hustle and bustle engulf the square at all times of day and night. Landmarks surrounding the square include Santiago’s most historically important church, the Catedral de Nuestra Senora de la Asuncion, circa 1502. This cathedral is as magnificent and enchanting inside as it is outside.

Yordi at Parque Céspedes

Yordi at Parque Céspedes

Sociability reigns at Parque Céspedes. Enjoy lively conversations, live music and dance at the Casa de la Trova or on either of the two outdoor patios at the historic Hotel Casa Granda, where British novelist Graham Green sought libations and hospitality that inspired much of his work.

Modernistic government offices line the west side of the square and accent the traditional colonial architecture that characterizes the park. Business people transact business, cigar-smoking women line the square’s shady benches and colorfully clad beauties strut their stuff at busy Parque Céspedes.

The current Casa de la Cultura Miguel Matamoros on the square’s eastern perimeter once served as home to the renowned San Carlos Social Club, gathering place for wealthy santiagüeros in the days before the Revolution.

Fidel Castro announced his triumphant victory to a jubilant Parque Céspedes crowd from the front balcony of the Ayuntamiento on the square’s northern side, on January 1, 1959.

Parque Céspedes offers an up close and personal look at the sights and sounds of everyday life in Santiago de Cuba where rhythmic motion, animated conversations and sultry music are wrapped in sunshine, blue waters and colonial architecture.

You can see why Yordi is at home in Parque Céspedes.

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