Quaint and peaceful are two words that can be used to describe this small town off the grid of the rest of busy Cuba. Families live here, work here and thrive here though their town does not look as bustling as some of the larger cities throughout Cuba. Though it is a peaceful setting, many might not know about the town that has it all, and might not appear that way.


Specifics of Vinales

Vinales welcomes one and all to their small area with a population of only 27,000 people total. They have created their very own area to where every resident has a job, and most have farms. Within these farms, many will find tobacco plants growing strong in the heat until they are ready to be harvested and sold to multiple markets throughout the world and in their very own country.


The homes throughout Vinales are all one story wooden homes with front porches on them. Each looks identical to the other and provides the same type of amenities to those that are living within the walls. Located in the lower mountain ranges, you can see the peaks of the other mountains in the background, leaving a beautiful, breath taking appearance in the background of the small town, making it appear much smaller than you’d originally imagine.


The Past, Present and Future of Vinales

The past held great achievement, sorrow and freedom for the small city. Not only did runaway slaves come here to start a new life away from the cities where they might have been captured and held, but many found work and stayed for multiple years to come, leaving the families they created behind to continue in their footsteps of freedom.


Tobacco growers in the 1800’s brought along their methods and plants with them, and settled in the area. They taught the residents how they grow the plants, and made sure to provide enough crops to last the entire town. 1878 was the first year where the town identified as an actual community with those that are living there, being a part of something much bigger. Though the tobacco growers were from the Canary Islands, they lived as one with the runaway slaves that found refuge in the area.


The current economy of the city is fueled by their need to grow crops. Along with tobacco, they also grow fresh fruits and vegetables, along with many types of coffee. Fishing and trading is also helpful for those that live within the area to make a living and provide for their families.


Vinales is also popular with tourists that are coming through the area. They have multiple hotels set up around the area for those that wish to come and find out what it takes to live within the area, to be a part of the community and how they thrive throughout all of the months in the year. They welcome everyone, and have multiple markets and shops set up so that each tourist is able to have a piece of the culture.


The city is well versed with schools, community centers, parks, libraries and other community points of interest for anyone that wants to come to live, or just to visit. They have schools for the children with qualified teachers, while also having jobs throughout the city for anyone that is moving there. This allows everyone to stay within the city limits, since other towns are a while away from the small village.


Whatever the reason for visiting Cuba, each city welcomes one and all to become a part of the culture that lies within the walls. Visiting the area is one of the best ways to learn about the world around us, and how others are able to thrive and live independently. This is especially true in a city such as Vinales, where the culture and history is engraved deeply in their roots and all that they do.

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