Once known as a place for Cuban immigrants to gather, the Great Theater of Havana is a beautiful building that houses the artists and arts of the area. With so much to give on the Cuban culture and history, it is one of the staples that the country has held onto for quite some time. The most prestigious artists, dancers and other cultural rich persons have came and gone from the theater to perform, or watch shows themselves. Located inside the Palace of the Galician Centre, it has been a long time standing piece of Cuban history.


A little History

This luxurious theater is home to many amazing artists and art that makes the experience of going even more exciting. The Cuban National Ballet has held the main stage since 1950 and they also host the International Havana Ballet Festival that draws constant tourists and residents who enjoy the arts. Cuba is rich with culture and Gran Teatro de La Habana is one of its most admired attractions. While the ballet performs on the main stage the building actually consist of several concert/choral halls, ballrooms, video screening room, conference rooms and even an art gallery. It is a one stop shop for the arts in Havana.

Over the years the theater has featured some of the greatest artists in Cuba and still today holds some of the best events in Havana. Housing performances for diplomats via musical or stage plays the Gran Teatro de la Habana is unique in its construction. Completed with a marble and stone statue on the outside it’s looked upon as historical landmark to the Cuban community. Throughout the halls are sculptures and art done by Giuseppe Moretti that are meant as depictions of education, benevolence, music and theater. The entire personality is represented throughout the infrastructure which keeps it looking classical.

The 1500 people capacity allows for up-close and personal performances seemingly wrapping the crowd into the action. Opening its doors to so many artist has garnered the theater much respect from the Cuban and Spanish art community. They showcase seasons of the Centro Pro-Art Lirico who offers performances via operas, concerts, operettas and zarzuelas. This art showcase always has the support of the Havana community as well as the many tourists that pass through the Cuban art scene. The Spanish ballet of Havana also has its time at the Gran Teatro de la Habana throughout the year usually accompanied by other Spanish and Cuban top performers in the ballet world.

Education and Growth

The Gran Teatro de la Habana is also known for its education avenues. Its partnership with the Art Lirico or Practical courses of the National School of Ballet has allowed them to help young Cuban dancers reach their dreams. Hosting events like the Track of Spain Festival and International Festival of Scenic Oral Narration the city blooms for moments like these. A culturally rich place placed within the area, it is the mecca of the culturally rich city. It is the ingredient needed for something amazing. The people of the city enjoy the ambiance that the theater brings to downtown Havana. It seems the Cuban city and the theater have grown vertically together over the years, writing each-others story along the way.


Being the oldest active theater in Latin America the Gran Teatro de la Habana holds hierarchy in the theater, and dance communities of Cuba. Opening it’s doors to other Spanish artists and dance schools keeps its reputation strong as well. Some renovations have been made, but mostly subtle like larger principal halls that were constructed in 1985. The larger of those newly constructed halls is known as the Garcia Lorca.

Many people travel and enjoy the sites in Cuba. The arts scene is sophisticated, especially in downtown Havana where the people cherish the beauty of art. One of the most picturesque assets to the downtown scene is the cathedral style building of the Gran Teatro de la Habana which sits proudly within the heart of downtown. If you want to be entertained by the best and most exclusive dancers and musicians, the only place to see those is the Gran Teatro de la Habana. You will witness some of the best shows and highest quality of actors in the country when you attend the theater.

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