Visiting Cuba is exciting, and it can be an adventure for anyone that wants to explore a different place. If you’re excited about being able to make the most of your trip, then there is some digging that you have to do to find out which places are rated at the top of the list for tourists to see and places to go with things to do. Here are some of those places, and why they might be on your next to do list when you’re visiting Cuba.


Old Havana

If you’re interested in the history and culture of Cuba, then this is where you can go to find it. Not only do they have older buildings, and much of the past preserved into one little town, you can find the shops are always open and there is always something to eat, hot and ready, whenever you’re feeling like a bite. The city of Trinidad is set up in much the same way, to preserve the history that is waiting for one and all to explore.




One of the biggest reasons why tourists flock to this destination are the beaches that sprawl out over miles of land. Not only are they white and sandy, but the water is crystal clear. Who wouldn’t be able to see themselves drinking cocktails by the water, and enjoying the view and hot weather? This is something that is loved by so many, and great for the entire family. Another highly recommended beach area is Guardalavaca.


Valle de Vinales

Nestled on the flat side of a mountain, and looking out to the mountain tops in the distance, this little town welcomes visitors from near and far. If you’re looking into more of the culture and how they sustain themselves as a people, then this is the perfect farming community to visit. You’re able to see how many of the crops are grown right by those that live right inside the town. Small and easy to walk through, there is much to be explored.


Santa Clara

One of the highest recommended places to visit in Cuba for tourists, it is bustling with activities and people. If you want a full itinerary on your trip, then this would be the city to visit. Not only are there many museums, and places of interest but they have beaches, parks and of course, resorts where everything in all-inclusive so you can get the most out of the vacation that you’re on while in Cuba. Nightlife here is also some of the best throughout the entire country of Cuba, so put your dancing shoes on and be ready for some great drinks and fun!


Peninsula de Zapata

Into nature? Want to see some of the cultural animals, wildlife, birds and nature that Cuba has to offer? Visiting Peninsula de Zapata can provide this for you and so much more. Nothing can be better than watching this wildlife in it’s natural habitat. There are tours that happen throughout the years, so make sure to grab a seat and take a walk on the wild side. The International Bird Center is also a point of interest for those that want to learn more about the native birds of the area, and watch them.


Parque Historico Militar

This area is where you will find two fortresses that were both used in the past by the military. While they are not being used now, they have been revamped and are ready for those that want to walk through the living museum. In the late 16th century, these were built and used, but then in the 19th, they were redone to provide better coverage for those that were using them. Now they are shells with the same products that were used during the time they were built and used.

Whatever your plans are, you can make sure that your trip is exciting, it is thrilling and it provides the action and fun go-to atmosphere that you want. If you add these items to your list of things to do, then you never have to worry about sitting around and being bored. Cuba is a big place, with many people and places to explore. You shouldn’t have to worry about not having something to do when you visit the area. Have the time of your life when you visit Cuba whether it is your first time, or your 26th.   All of these activities have been on our itineraries.  If you would like more information about any of these landmarks or our tours please contact us at 305-987-0442 or

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