If you are in Cuba and feel the need to do some Salsa Dancing, check out these Latin Clubs.  Don’t worry about not knowing the moves either, since many of the clubs provide salsa lessons while you’re out on the dance floor. They want you to have a drink, and a good time, they will take care of the rest when you visit one of these hot, hip clubs where they welcome you with open arms.

Casa de la Música

If you have some money to burn, this is the place to be.  Here you will usually find some of Cuba’s hottest performers within the audience, which says it all for this club.  Here at Casa de la Música you will find nightly as well as some sizzling hot afternoon Salsa sessions (except on Mondays) performances by such legends as Chucho Valdés and Bamboleo.  Their shows are advertised to start at 10:30 p.m., but the headliner in general doesn’t come on until 1 a.m.


Academia Salsa Allegre

This club is famous for their extreme and entertaining salsa dancers on Thursday Nights. This club is not too fancy and short on frills but it is large on its music and dancing.  People from diverse background come together filling this night club so they can shake their culos on the dance floor. Even though Thursday nights may be the most well-known night for this club, there is salsa music and dancing on the other nights of the week. You may even join in the fun if you get courageous enough, or just take a seat and relax, and observe all the talent on the dance floor. Keep in mind that you may want to bring enough cash; the cover charge as well as the bar is cash only.



A great school to go and shake it on, they will teach you the beginner moves and move you up to the advanced stages. Not only that, but they teach you some Spanish along the way so you know what to say when the time comes. With large rooms, enough space and even extra partners that you can choose from when trying to learn the moves, this club and space has it all for you. Want to check out even more clubs through Cuba for salsa dancing? They can direct you to some of the hottest and best salsa clubs in the area.


Casa de la Musica

One of the most upbeat, and friendly spots you can go to salsa dance in Havana, it is a favorite spot for tourists and residents alike. They all get out on the floor and shake it when they have a chance. The drinks are cold, the dance floor is large and they have many different bands that come and go throughout the week. Depending on the band that is playing within the club, the cover charge may change from a smaller amount to a larger one. It is definitely a place you want to go if you want to show off your salsa moves though.


Hotel Lincoln

This is a hotel and the dance floor is somewhat small, but the music is loud and the cover charge includes a drink. The rest you have to pay for, but it can be worth it if you want to mingle with the other guests, with residents and of course, anyone else that wants to come out and shake it on the dance floor. Fun, exciting, upbeat and definitely with enough sauce to get you moving, your salsa moves will not go unnoticed while you’re shaking it out on the dance floor.


No matter where you choose to go throughout Cuba, there is sure to be a salsa club that you can visit when the time comes. Never have to worry about not knowing how to dance salsa either, because even if you have not taken any classes, there are plenty of places throughout Cuba that you can learn the dance. So grab some liquid courage, since they are always serving it up and head out on the dance floor with a partner.


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