The Cohiba Cigar brand has been growing ever since Fidel Castro. The famous Cuban president took the high quality tobacco and branded it as the Cuban cash crop in 1966. Originally manufactured for Castro’s use solely as a gift to fellow diplomats throughout the world, Castro learned quickly how to monetize his beloved cigar. With its rich taste and flavors (vanilla, coffee) the brand is now regarded as the premium cigar of the world. Grown and cut in some of the finest tobacco fields in San Luis and San Juan y Martinez zones of Cuba. A, entirely home grown crop, Cuba has generated millions of dollars for their economy through trade and demand of the prestigious cigar. The history is deep and it has become one of the faces of the Cuban culture.


The Different Flavors of Cuban Cigars

Despite being banned in the United States due to an embargo put on by the US in the 1960s, the Cohiba brand has continued to grow. Its distinct flavors set it apart from the rest of the world as well as the pure Cuban tobacco that you cannot find in any other cigar on the market today. Cohiba began its worldwide campaign in 1982 through a collaboration with the 1982 FIFA World Cup held in Spain. From there they debuted a new product line which became the staple of the brand for years to come. Cohiba has five series of cigars dating back to 1966 and two special releases. They created six distinct styles in the beginning of their production (Corona Especial, Espléndido, Exquisito, Lancero, Panetela, and Robusto).


These became the known as the The La Línea Clásica Series which are all the original flavors and styles of the Cohiba brand and were all manufactured between the years of 1966-1989.


Their next series of premium cigars were released in 1992 to commemorate Christopher Columbus. This series is named Línea 1492. This series also released new sizes to the public and they were all named to one of the great Columbus voyages (Siglo I- Siglo VI). The best aspect about this series is that it introduced the world to the various sizes and tastes the Cohiba brand had available. For example the Siglo I is petit cigar and Siglo V is Corona Grande cigar both to be enjoyed in their own ways. The Madura series followed and was created to appeal to the strong cigar smokers. Aged for 5 years the Madura is the perennial smoker’s cigar of choice. The Madura series introduced three styles the genios, magicos, and secretos.



There latest and one of the worlds’ most highly regarded cigars stems from the Behike BHK series introduced in 2002 by Cohiba. Rated number one cigar in Aficionado magazine and has been the cigar of choice for diplomats and celebrities over the last decade. The Behike BHK series is manufactured in limited quantities because of its use of the finest tobacco in Cuba. The tobacco used in the Behike is known as the Medio Tempo, which are the leaves that come from the two top sun-grown plants in the country making it extremely rare. Over the years, Cohiba has had several special releases to go along with there coveted series. The Double Corona (2003), Sublime (2004), Pirámide (2001 then re-released 2006) were all released as limited editions. They have played a significant role in the exclusivity of the Cuban cash crop.


Economic Distrust in Tobacco Products

Due to economic distrust many of the cigar makers of Cuba fled to nearby countries like Honduras, Dominican Republic and Nicaragua and began growing their own tobacco. Growing troubles politically between Cuba and the United States kept the Cohiba brand exclusive and prestigious throughout the world but also assisted in helping other countries step into the industry. In a response to the growth of the Cuban based company the United States started their very own Cohiba cigar in the Dominican Republic to rival the company and also it allowed sells in the US. Although the Dominican brand is available in the US, among the true cigar smokers the Cuban company has the tobacco and trust of the consumer when it comes to quality and flavor.


Fidel Castro built a strong company and utilized the profits to keep Cuba afloat for many years. People who enjoy a good cigar every now and then regard the Cohiba as the cream of the crop. It has been enjoyed by those who hold royal names. The exclusivity makes them expensive but the hassle to get them without legal problems can be difficult. The growing relationship between Cuba and United States may soon change that but until then be careful who you share your premium Cohiba cigars with.


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