If you are planning on visiting Cuba, you will not be disappointed. Your trip is sure to be an absolutely amazing experience. This country is rich with history, art, culture, and has been frozen in time. Although Cuba’s beaches are beautiful, they are not why you want to visit. There is so much more too see.


Prior to Traveling

Prior to traveling to Cuba you need to purchase a visa, and good health insurance. Cuban national laws require you to have this health insurance.

Currency used by Cuban and foreigners in Cuba is Peso Convertible or CUC. This converts to approximately one US dollar. It is a good idea to pay in cash for just about everything. Cards which are generated by bank account in US are not accepted. So you do not get stuck someplace with no cash for bus tickets, withdraw cash before you travel.

Cuba is a very safe country for traveling alone. This is true for women and even children. Rates are low for lawbreaking, save for the infrequent theft of money or clothes from suitcases. Men and woman in Cuba are very friendly and polite.

The Internet in Cuba

Most likely you have no interest in getting online while on your trip, which is good. Cuba has no Wi-Fi. There is a slow internet available at ETECSA centers. Let your friends and family know ahead of time that you will not be online, unless you want to deal with very slow internet. There are calling cards available for purchase at ETECSA centers, as well.


Accommodations for Your Trip

Accommodations that are best in Cuba are casa particulares. These are homes owned privately, where travelers rent up to three room from their owner. Tasty meals are available for an additional cost. These give a more person experience and you can live a little bit of the Cuban lifestyle. Their owners have a wealth of information about Cuba and are happy to share it. They know where to visit, and eat. They will even arrange your transportation. These are much cheaper than hotels.

Cuba’s food is cheap and good. Baracoa has Cuba’s tastiest food: octopus, lobster, and shrimp in coconut sauce is great. If you are looking for drinks, try a Cuban special recipe for pina coladas and mojitos. They each have their own, and you will love them all.


What to Do While There

There are so many places to go when visiting Cuba. Havana, is where majority of flight will land. There are many things to do and see while in Havana. Many vintage cars line the streets, and there are sidecars still on motorbikes. Historic buildings, museums, or live music in a lively bar. One thing many tourists enjoy the most is el canonazo de las nueve ceremony. At 9 pm each night in La Cabana fortress is where it takes place. Soldiers dress in 18th century traditional costumes, and shoot cannons that warns of city walls closing, to protect it by enemy countries and pirates.


Santiago is where you want to go for a real Caribbean atmosphere. It is interesting for its people, politics, architecture, literature, and music. A must see is The Parque Cespedes, it is very lively, musical, with museums and historical buildings surrounding it.

Baracoa, is possibly a place in Cuba people may not have heard of. Once you visit it, you will never forget it. You can visit Baracoa in just a few hours due to how small it is. There are many place around Baracoa that are considered the best to visit while in Cuba. Baracoa is known at city of the 29 rivers, in Cuba. If you love your food, then you will be pleased to know Cuba’s gourmet capitol is Baracoa.


Trinidad is a destination for most tourists while on a trip to Cuba. It give a look like in the 19th century time stopped, with its colonial city which is well preserved. Museums, salsa dancing, and music playing on almost every corner, sites of natural and historical interest are just some of the reasons to visit Trinidad.

This just scratches the surface of all the places you can go and do while on your trip to Cuba.

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