Cuban RumSo many people enjoy the perks of visiting a far off land where a lot of things are different. Many people visit Cuba for the culture, the night life and the fun. While others enjoy the benefits of the specialty items that are made right in the country such as rum and cigars. Whatever your pleasure, even if it is just to enjoy the scenic views, or the weather that engulfs you, there will be plenty of experiences to be had, no matter what time of the day or time of year you decide to come out and visit.


Cuban Rums

There are multiple types of rums available to those that wish to try some of the purest, strongest tasting yet refreshing rums out there. All made right in Cuba, they are native to the land. Tasting each one is something that many people challenge themselves to do while they are visiting. If you have never had any of the options, make sure to try some for yourself to see how they are for you.


Havana Club

Havana Club rum is one of the speciality rums made right in Havana, Cuba. It is one of the most favorited, as well. While it is sold throughout Cuba, you can also go to many local liquor stores and purchase the same brand to bring home and add to your bar collection because it is just that popular. It is also sold at an affordable price.


Founded in 1934 right in Cuba, the brand has remained in a family since. They never bring in outside companies to carry or make the brand for them. Produced in only one spot, one city in Cuba; it is thought of as specialty rum throughout other parts of the world. While, Bacardi sells the same rum with the same name in the United States; the actual brand is not sold specially to that country for various reasons.


Bacardi is one of the top selling kings of rum, though the brand comes from Puerto Rico, it is also known throughout the United States. The recipe was shipped from one country to the next, and though it might not come straight out of Havana Club, it is thought to be the authentic mix of Cuban rum for the United States that also produces other varying types of liquor for those that wish to splurge on other treats.

Santiago de Cuba

Santiago de Cuba is another fabulous rum that is made in Cuba, and manufactured to be sent throughout the world as a specialty rum. Smooth tasting and light on the stomach, this is one of the favorited rums on the shelves at many clubs. Founded in 1862, it is also one of the older brands of rum that you can currently find on the market, and still remaining strong even after all of these years that have passed.


Named after the oldest city in Cuba, it is one of the most loved rums. Filling up a cup and drinking the liquid is essential when trying to enjoy the scent, flavor and age that goes into making and distilling this particular type of rum. While many rums just have one type of rum that you can choose under the same brand name, Santiago de Cuba comes with many different varieties to choose from whether you want something light, something heavier or something spiced or flavored. With many alcohol volumes, and mixer options; many tourists enjoy trying the varieties available.

Whether you’re looking for something smoother, something crisp or just something authentic; you’re able to find a wide variety of Cuban rums right on the shelves. Ask those around you where you can get the best deal, at the best bar and make the most of the drinks that you pass around. You’re in Cuba after all, so why not splurge a little on the drinks that can be purchased and the fun that can be had.  The Havana Club Rum Museum as shown in the photos is visited on most of our tours.  If you would like more information about it or our tours please contact us at 305-987-0442 or

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