The Cuban Culture is a complex, very diverse, and absolutely fascinating culture.  This particular culture has had so many varying influences throughout history, from Africa, North America as well as from Europe; the extremely distinctive Cuban Culture has been shaped.  Not only is Cuba considered to be an absolutely beautiful country, it’s people are very hospitable as well as being very friendly in spite of all the economic difficulties they have gone through in the last few years.


One of the most fundamental changes to occur in Cuban history was the Cuban revolution.  The political as well as social disturbance that occurred during this time, without a doubt, had a massive impact on the development of what is now considered Cuban Culture.

The Cuban Culture is known all around the world particularly for its music.  Music has become a very important part of the Cuban society, and so many of the customary musical styles are still very popular as well as being significant today.  Cuba is a very vibrant country that is full of music, dancing, poetry, singing, as well as chatting.  People still have the time to spend with each other as well as making time for their guest.  The Cuban Culture while maintaining a forward movement has still managed to preserve the past.  If you ever get the chance to visit Cuba it is like going back in time to the 1950’s with their vintage cars and their very relaxing atmosphere.

Cuban Music and Dance

The beginning of Cuban Dance was brought about by the appearance of African slaves who then introduced a whole new style of rhythms as well as ritual dances.  These new rhythms and ritual dance styles were incorporated into the Cuban Culture as they blended the two with the rhythms and dance styles of the traditional Spanish melodies as well as the guitar music.  As the fusion became more prominent it became more and more popular and soon Conga, Jazz, and Rumba rhythms were spreading.


While much of today’s popular Cuban music is associated to the Afro-Cuban Santeria religion, son remains the most popular type of music in Cuba.  Son is the basis on which Salsa, Bolera, as well as the Mambo evolved from.  These musical styles that were born in Cuba are still very popular as well as being very influential around the world today.

Benny More’ who is considered to be the master of the son, bolero, and mambo, as well as a primary figure in Cuba’s big band of the 50’s; and Damaso Perez Prado who is known as the “King of the Mamobo” are two of the most famous and widely known Cuban Artist.  Even today Cuban Music continues to grow and evolve; with many great Cuban Artist that are still producing fabulous music.


Cuban Customs

Due to the abolition of the religion, Cuban traditions have to some extent been altered by the revolution.  However, today there is a much greater clemency towards religious beliefs; due to this celebrations such as Christmas are widely celebrated.

While the Cuban populace has had to overcome some difficulties, their culture remains unwavering and survives; it will not be bullied.



What is known to many as the pearl of the Caribbean, offers a variety of very stunning places to visit.  All through the entire length of the island from Guantanamo to Pinar del Reo, the diverse geography will no doubt captivate you as well as make you fall in love with the country as well as its people.

As visiting the cavern known as La Pantana that is located in Guantanamo the rich history of Cuba will become very evident, with its rich pre-Columbian rock carvings. While traveling through this cavern it will enhance your understanding of Cuba’s ancient history.

In Pinar del Rio you will find the best cigar makers in the world.  One of the most famous names known for his Cuban Cigars is Alejandro Robaina, as you are visiting the province of Havana you will be able to sample some of the world best tasting rums.

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