There is an intrinsic beauty that surrounds the Island of Cuba. One of the most beautiful places on the planet it is home to some rare birds and scenery that will change your perception on the small country. People who travel and take their precious time to watch and learn the wild life on their voyages through the country rave about the wide variety of birds that gather in the jungles and around Cuba. The country in a whole offers countless bird watching tours that are sure to expand your horizon on the beauty of wildlife. Here are a few reasons why bird watching in Cuba may be the adventure you were looking for.


Birds of the Region

The national bird of Cuba is a fascinating and beautiful species. The tocororo or Cuban Trogon is an astounding creature easily recognized throughout the country by the song it sings and the rhythmic moves it makes while singing. It represents the Cuban culture with its distinct colors that happen to reflect the Nations Flag, as well. Cuban culture proudly holds the tocororo as its national bird because of its need of freedom, which some say is the true personality of the Cuban people. The tocororo is the best representation of the countries rebellion from captivity.


Another reason why bird watching in Cuba may be the adventure that changes your life is because of Las Terrazas, an ecotourism center located in the Sierra del Rosario Mountain range. This has been called the perfect place for bird watching. The Las Terrazas presents tours that will put you up close and personal with some of the rare wildlife Cuba possesses. The canopy tour is one of the more popular tours for bird watching, by taking you to the top of the trees you are able to see the birds live life in close proximity. You will be going from tree to tree as if you were a bird yourself, a wonderful experience for the entire family. The Las Terrazas is biosphere that allows tourist the rare opportunity of seeing actual wildlife in their true habitat.


The Richest Bird Watching places

Bird watching is extremely popular in Cuba for tourists, the vast amount of rare and unique bird species makes it a true adventure to see a day in the life of a Cuban bird.

One of the most famous places in Cuba to watch birds is Zapata Peninsula, a mangrove and marsh filled territory. Designated as a National Park, the Zapata Peninsula is home to many migratory birds as well as other rare and hard to find species. The variety of ecosystems on the peninsula allows for about seventy percent of the bird life to reside on Zapata specifically. This allows for some of the rarest moments you will ever have in the bird watching world. The Lagoon of Las Salinas is also found on the peninsula and is world renowned for its habitat for migratory birds and wildlife. Large flocks of flamingoes are a regular occurrence as well as one endangered bird species called the grey-fronted Quail Dove which is indigenous to Cuba and Dominican Republic. Catching a glimpse of one of these beautiful birds is a highlight itself.


The ecological setting that Cuba presents allows the mix of many bird species. The country cherishes its bird life and pushes to have their tourist learn as much about the bird population of Cuba as possible. The colorful dynamic birds fly inches away from you at any given time while you observe them in their truest habitat. The many ecosystems and biospheres throughout the country help to preserve as much of the wildlife habitat as possible. There are many National Parks and reservations located throughout the country. The enjoyment of the wildlife is evident in the Cuban culture since they take so much pride in preserving the bird’s natural habitats. The Cuban people are serenaded by the sounds of the birds daily and have many folktales about the birds that encompass the small country. If you are ever planning a trip to Cuba do not forget your binoculars or you may miss out on all the fun because bird watching in Cuba can be one your favorite experiences on your trip.



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