The spellbinding natural beauty of Cayo Coco is undisputed. The pristine white beaches are beautifully manicured and crystal clear Caribbean seawater gently caresses the shore after crossing the underwater paradise that thrives on the coral reef that shields the shoreline. Nature’s best truly comes together for the benefit and well-being of mankind in this remote but extremely popular Cuban vacation destination.

And, guests never have to worry about being bored or inactive. Canadians, Americans and Europeans seems to gravitate to the allure that is Cayo Coco and its surrounds, many of which are magnetic in their own rite. For guests who want a romantic getaway or for guests who want a more active outdoor break from the hustle and bustle of everyday life, Cayo Coco has it all set in one of the most spectacularly natural and refreshing beach communities in the world.


1. Flamingos and Fabulous birds – Cayo Coco is home to more than 150 different species of birds, making the areas the bird watching capital of Cuba. People-to-People travelers and unrestricted vacationers come together to marvel the beauty and song their winged neighbors. Without question the magnificently elegant flamingos get the nod as top feathered attraction but there is steep competition. When in Cayo Coco, you have missed something if you do not sign up for a bird watching tour. Don’t forget your camera!


2. Horseback Riding – If you have never ridden before, here is the opportunity to learn with trained horses and excellent horseback riding instructors. At a nominal cost, rider can take a one hour excursion along the beach or along any of several special riding paths. Advanced riders will have other options for longer sessions. The sunset tour is the most popular and when you see the sun set at Cayo Coco, you will understands. Here’s one more way to create a lasting impression of this spectacular vista.

Grand Harbour Cay

Grand Harbour Cay

3. Boat Ride Along Laguna La Redonda – This amazing freshwater lake is visible on the way to Moron. The thatched roof launch site sets the tone for an unforgettable trip across the lake and through the unspoiled mangroves. Your guide will point out the abundant native flora and fauna that is sure to dazzle nature lovers. If fishing is your gig, Laguna le Redonda offers the some of the best bass fishing in Cuba. Bring your camera!


4.  Playa Pilar – Cayo Media Luna – The natural beauty and luxury accommodations at Cayo Coco are undisputed but wait until you see what’s in store at Playa Pilar, the beach natives believe to be the most unspoiled and beautiful on the island. The beach is actually named after Ernest Hemingway’s fishing boat. The one mile stretch of beach is remarkable with secluded and protected waters and the tallest sand dune in the Caribbean. But, it is the softness of the sand that seems to make this beach feel lie home to every visitor. Rent a kayak and paddle on to Cayo Media Luna, a flat island shaped like a half moon that is one of the most romantic hideaways in the Caribbean. Two more reasons why you will never forget your trip to Cayo Coco.

Do you want a People-to-People experience that is truly unforgettable. Talk with Dave or Yordi at to make sure your tour includes all the local charm.

festival 10

5. Parque Natural El Baga – With 1,854 acres of protected land, this is the premier tourist attraction in Cayo Coco. It’s all here! Mangrove swamps, lakes, amazing shoreline and so much wildlife you will think you stepped back in time. You will want a guide to navigate the Park where birds, jutias, iguanas and crocodiles cohabitate peacefully. The recommended tours take about three hours and you are sure to want more.

6. Diving Centers – Dave and Yordi are partial to the Melia hotel in Cayo Coco and it just happens to offer the Blue Diving Center. Another diving school is the Coco Diving Center. Both schools spend most of their time exploring the fantastic sea world that lives vibrantly on the spectacular reef.

7. Sol Coco Discotheque – Dancing is always fun on the disco’s sunken dance floor. Bright lights accentuate that disco feel. Dance lessons and partners are waiting for you.  On Thursdays, a live local band helps transform the studio to Salsa happening. Not to be missed!

unnamed (3)

8. Playa Flamenco Beach Bar – Catch the sunset in this calm, exciting and impressive lounge. Lively and engaging but always reflective, you will sense the natural calm of this idyllic setting. It is understandable if you feel like you own the beach from this vantage point. Inexpensive by day and peppy several nights a week, you cannot kiss this hangout. is not a licensed People-to-People tour provider but works closely with International Expeditions, a licensed provider. This International Expedition People-to-People tour is licensed (CT-2013-299822-1)by the United States Treasury Department’s Office of Foreign Assets Control to engage, organize and conduct authorized people-to-people travel to Cuba that engages participants in meaningful interactions with individuals in Cuba.


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