Just like figuring out where you’re going to stay during your trip, you have to also know where you’re going to eat. You may not want to eat within the hotel the entire time, and you might not even have a restaurant inside the place you’re staying. This is why some of these restaurants come highly recommended from those that frequent the country often. Have a little taste of the culture, through the cuisine when you visit these authentic Cuban restaurants offering it all and so much more through their dishes.
La Guarida  

Highly regarded as one of the highest rated establishments to have a meal, they are generally full. However, if you book a table through a reservation in advance, you can have a spot all your own for the night. If you forget the reservations, no worries; the bar is usually open serving delicious cocktails and native beers, along with snacks. Rated 5 stars by those that visit the area, this is a great place to try something authentic. This one has an older theme to it, since most restaurants have been around for a while, but it is one that provides you with awesome food and good times.


Paladar La Cocina de Lilliam

Fancy meals, for a great price. If you want to try something different, and something that is full of Cuban flavor; this restaurant can provide the kick you need. The ambiance is relaxing, and you can watch the fountains that are strategically placed as you eat your meal. The service is top notch, while the history speaks for itself. The oldest private restaurant throughout Cuba, reservations are highly recommended though not necessary.


Paladar Fontana

Hard to spot from the outside, since the building is hidden between others; this restaurant is a diamond in the rough on the streets of Cuba. The recommended meals from this restaurant are grilled to perfection, including the local fish that they serve fresh. It can become quite noisy inside the restaurant, but other than that; it is rated a top place to eat and even bring the whole family for a nice, sit down, relaxing dinner while on vacation. Sample the cocktails that are specially made with Cuban flair.


Restaurant La Casa

La Casa provides the entire Cuban dining experience when you come to sit down and have a bite to eat. Serving authentic Cuban food, they also have a mariachi band that will play for everyone, and circle through the room. You can even request particular songs that you would like to hear. The food is fast, the prices are great and the owners of the restaurant treat each diner like part of the family. They welcome everyone, even visitors to the country, inside. One of the older private establishments on the block, they have been doing this since 1995, and continue to stay strong in the Cuban restaurant market.



While this is more than just a restaurant is an ideal place for those that want to let loose on the dance floor. This is a nightclub that will serve drinks all night long, as the music pumps in the background, as well as a dining establishments for those times when you want to dress up and have your cake and eat it too. Salsa is offered on certain nights, while other nights have their own unique themes to them.

Through the use of these restaurants, you’re able to provide yourself with a feast of genuine cuisine. It is culturally rich, and full of flavor from each of the chefs that make the food to order. While on a vacation, you should sample the many things that the country has to offer, and food is one of those things that you need to give a try so you do not miss out on a delicious experience that is right around the corner from your hotel.


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