The 2014/2015 Cuba Travel season has officially ended. We would like to thank all of our tour participants for making this our best year. The improving US/Cuba relations seems to have put travel to Cuba on the radar screen for many Americans. It is about time that US travelers learn to appreciate their friendly neighbor just 90 miles away.


We anticipate that the 2015/2016 season will be even bigger than this year. It is now time to plan for fall and winter tours to Cuba. The hotels and flights will be much more difficult to secure due to the easing of travel restrictions and greater awareness by Americans. If you are considering a trip to Cuba please contact us soon so we can make all of the arrangements.

Our first open public tour will be our Historic Havana tour on October 22nd for three nights and four days. It is perfect for first time Cuba travelers to get a taste of the island in VIP style. You will visit all of the important historical landmarks in Havana and interact with the fascinating and friendly people of Cuba. Unlike some of our competition we try and keep our tours small, intimate and personalized. We will limit this tour to 18 people so that each participant is able to engage with our all star list of speakers, artists, musicians and historians. You will have access that very few American have. Our expert tour guides will give you a great perspective on Cuba and its people. We will provide you with an environment to engage the beautiful men and women of Cuba. Many of you will come back with friends for life.

image005One of our goals is to introduce you to the Cuban entrepreneurs in action and be part of their historic economic changes. We love to support privately owned restaurants or “Paladares” where we can interact with the proprietors and learn how they deal with the government and their customers in this brave new world towards capitalism. The San Jose market is another bastion of small business where you can buy great works of art or souvenirs while haggling with the owners on price. We have found this market to be a wonderful microcosm of some of the changes going on in Cuba. Whenever you can combine art, food and commerce we think that can be a great learning experience for us as well as the Cubans.



image011The Havana architecture alone could take weeks to explore thoroughly but we will see and photograph the most important structures like the Cathedral of the Virgin Mary, El Morro, Capitolio, Revolutionary Square, Plaza Vieja, and the Nacional Hotel to name a few. While we explore we will undoubtedly pass thousands of old US automobiles and will engage their owners. Many of the cars have been in their families for generations and they love to tell their stories to you. Most of these classic cars can be rented as well.

image013These are just a taste of the activities on our tours. We are constantly adding new adventures to our tours as our team in Cuba is always searching for new experiences that will blow you away.

image015We have our own VIP Hosts on all of our tours. They all speak English and look forward to your requests. We personally arrange any activities at night that you desire. If you want to go to concerts, clubs, cabarets, shows or just meet people of the opposite sex we can help. All you need to do is sit back relax and enjoy the experience of a lifetime.

image017For more information about this tour or Cuba travel feel free to contact us with any questions or ideas at With your help we look forward to another record breaking season.

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