Cuba –  El Cocodrilo – The Crocodile Island

El Cocodrilo - The Crocodile

El Cocodrilo – The Crocodile

When I first visited Yordi’s hometown of Santiago de Cuba in 2005, I wasn’t sure what to expect. My reservations were probably similar to the reservations of most US citizens. Of course, Yordi’s passion for her homeland never waned.

Almost immediately, the incredible landscape, spectacular blue water, white sandy beaches, palm trees, architecture and dynamic culture of Cuba enthralled me. And then, there was the ever-present, irresistible, rhythmic music!

No matter where you are in Cuba, you feel the excitement and pride Cubans have in their historic island.  Brilliant days, and romantic, energetic nights take place in an unparalleled, rich landscape. In our many visits to various regions of Cuba, we have found our hosts to be friendly, eager to converse and most hospitable. And then, there are the palms, the greenery, the art, the architecture and more. It can be dizzying!

Yordi and I have returned to Cuba many times. We see a fun-loving people undergoing change and facing untapped cultural and economic opportunities. Cuba is exciting, energetic, magnetic and magical. And then, there is the dancing, the nightlife and sultry climate. Wow!

Davey and Yordi in Cuba

Dave and Yordi in Cuba



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Travel to Cuba is sure to stir your cultural and artistic curiosity, stun you with her spectacular natural beauty and impress you with hosts that cannot do enough to make you feel welcome. Fun loving and personable, Cubans enjoy tourists from around the world with equal gusto.

We believe you will be as enchanted as we are with magical Cuba. If you have any questions about travel, accommodations, tours to Cuba or what to expect in general, please do not hesitate to contact me directly at

Felices viajes!

Dave & Yordi